Setting up the Default Slider

The Guten Theme comes with a basic default slider to use for your front/home page. You can turn on the default slider by going to Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Home Page Slider and under Choose a Slider you can select to use the Default Slider.

Read through the options below, depending on which slider option you choose to use:


1) Guten Default Slider

Step 1: Create a Slider Category under Posts -> Categories.

Navigate to Posts -> Categories in your WordPress Dashboard and create a new category to use as your new slider.

Under Add New Category -> Name add the new name for your category and then click Add New Category and you will then see the category appear in the columns on the right side. Once the new category has shown you’ll see the first column is labelled ID.

This is the category ID that you will add into the Slider Categories section under Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Home Page Slider.


Step 2: Add the category ID to Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Home Page Slider.

Then navigate to Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Home Page Slider and enter the new category ID into the Slider Categories input.

Do not enter the single post ID’s here, only enter a Category ID or multiple category ID’s separated by a comma (,)



Your slider will not show on the front/home page yet, now all you need to do is add some slider posts and then the slider will show on the front-end.


Step 3: Add Slider Posts.

The next step is to go to Posts -> Add New and then create a new post (for each slide) which will be used in the Default Slider.

For the new slide you can add the following:

  • Add Title (Main text on the slide)
  • Featured Image (The background image for the slide) at the recommended size of 1400px wide
  • Excerpt (Extra text below the title, not too long)
  • Be sure to tag the slide into the Slider category you created
  • Premium offers an extra custom link box to specify where the slide must link to


Once you’ve added your first post into the new Slider category, you will then see the slide appear on your front/home page.

If you only add one slide then it will show only as an image, but once you add more slides you will then see it turn into a slider and slide between all the added posts.


Step 4: (Optional) Remove the “Slider” category posts from the blog list.

If you want these slides to only appear in the home page slider and to not show in the Blog list page then you can navigate to Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Blog List and under Exclude Blog Categories you can simply enter the same Slider category ID with a minus (-) before it.

This will then exclude the Slider category from the blog.

You can enter any category ID’s you want to exclude from the blog.


There are also extra settings to customize and change the look of the slider. These settings are self explanatory.

That’s it… If you still can’t work it out then maybe try using a slider plugin and adding the slider via option 2 below.



2) Shortcode Slider from a plugin

Select your own slider plugin that you like and have used before, otherwise we suggest trying out Meta Slider which is a very popular slider plugin.

Build your slider using the plugin interface and once you click “Save” it should then provide you with a shortcode to add the slider wherever you want.

Copy the shortcode and then navigate to Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Home Page Slider and under Choose a Slider, select to use the Slider Shortcode option.

Paste the shortcode there and then the slider should display on your front page in place of the default slider.



3) Featured image on front page

Under Customize -> Guten Theme Settings -> Home Page Slider there is also the option to display just an image on the front page. Under Choose a Slider select the Featured Image option and then this will use the Featured Image that you set on the Page.

There are also extra settings you will see to adjust the image as you want.



4) Remove the Slider

The last option is to set it to None. This will not show any slider or image on the front page.